Our Technology

At Selective Travel Management we have a team of programmers dedicated to developing and implementing our in-house business travel tools. We pride ourselves on our innovation, our in-house developers give us market leading, immediate access to allow Selective Travel Management customise our technology in line with our customer requirements from front to back office solutions. We do not outsource our development needs which means we are not dependent on 3rd Party suppliers. This results in a shorter time to market and less cost for our customers.

  • Traveller Profile Management

We gather all relevant organisation and traveller information and store it in secure encrypted profiles. Once you complete our travel profile form we can upload this to our mid office which means all your specific information for example Frequent Flyer Number or Seat Preference will automatically be added to every reservation you make.

  • Data protection

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information protected. We use our own in-house applications which means no outside source can get access to this sensitive data.

  • Online booking tool

Using our online booking tool gives your travellers even more flexibility and speed of access to manage their own travel, saving you time and money. Our online booking tool gives seamless integration between all booking sources and our mid and back office applications. We can build your company travel policy into to tool to drive optimum supplier choices

  • E-Invoicing

We offer E-invoicing directly to travellers or a designated email address to allow for faster expense reconciliation and offers benefits to your organisations Green Sustainable Initiatives.

  • Travel Reporting

Timely consolidation from all booking sources both travel consultant and self booked travel using our online booking tool. Our reports highlight where you could make improvements in your travel policy, automatically calculates the Carbon Emissions for every trip and gives timely traveller tracking reports.

  • Travel Alerts

Our team will automatically alert you if there is an incident which could affect your travellers. The alert enables your organisation and your travellers can make informed decisions about their travel plans.

Contact us now to see how we can put our market leading technologies to work for your business travel needs.