Client Services

Selective Travel Management is a market leader assisting businesses to optimise their travel programme through our expert travel consultants, technology, cost savings, reporting, traveller safety and security and sustainability. We deliver value across all areas of travel.

Using Selective Travel Management for your business travel requirements gives you quantifiable added value in a number of ways: We free up client resources to allow your employees to carry on working while our experts research your itinerary and We will always achieve the best fare or rate using our market leading technology and pricing.

Our Services

  • Expert Travel Consultants

Our experts will manage all your travel requirements from simply point to point reservations to complex long haul itineraries saving you valuable time.

  • Out of hours Emergency Service:

We have a locally managed Out of Hours Emergency Service staffed by our own expert consultants who are familiar with your travel profile and policy.

  • Efficient Technology

Our in-house search engine allows fast responses when searching multiply sources for air, hotel, car and rail content when booking through your travel consultant or using our online booking tool.

  • One Stop Shop

We can manage all your travel needs which simplifies your job and ensures you get the best possible price.

  • Account Management and Travel Policy Builder

Our experienced Account Manager will work with you on every aspect of your travel programme. We will help you build a travel policy that fits your business model. Our expert travel consultants will always work within your policy.

  • Consolidated Reporting

Our reports allow our clients to quickly review their travel patterns and where their travel policy may need improvements. We automatically record carbon emissions per trip to allow for future reporting and benchmarking which assists organisations when implementing Carbon Offset initiatives.

  • Traveller Safety & Security

Our traveller tracking tool enables you to respond to fast-moving world events so you can quickly locate, contact and support your travellers.

  • Green Initiatives

We give you access to a carbon calculator which allows travellers to make informed choices before travelling.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, we aim to provide a good working environment, ethical business practices and an efficient use of resources to reduce the affect of emissions on the environment.

Contact us now to see how we can put our market leading technologies to work for your business travel needs.