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  • Virgin Airlines

    Smart Bags

    Small Logo Virgin Atlantic


    VSbulletin 034- Smart Bags


    We need to let you know that with immediate effect, Virgin Atlantic are not able to accept Smart Bags with
    non-removable lithium batteries as hand or checked baggage on any flight.

    Smart Bags with removable batteries will be accepted if the battery is removed and carried separately in hand baggage.

    What is a Smart Bag?
    Smart Bags are bags with built-in features such as GPS locators, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, charging ports, remote lock systems and weight scales.

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  • American Airlines

    Smart Bag Policy Change on American Airlines_December 1, 2017

    Small Logo American Airlines


    At American, we’re constantly evaluating our procedures to ensure the best experience for your travellers.  That’s why we’re changing our policy regarding “smart bags,” also known as “smart luggage,” effective January 15, 2018.


    Smart bags contain lithium battery power banks, which can pose a possible risk if stored in the cargo hold of the aircraft.  Beginning January 15, American will require that the battery must be removed from any traveller’s smart bag in order to check it onto any American or American Eagle flight. 


    Travellers may leave batteries installed in carry-on bags; however, the battery must be removable in case checking the bag becomes necessary.  Smart bags from which batteries cannot be removed will not be accepted in the cabin or luggage hold.


    While this change is not required by the FAA at this time, we believe it will enhance safety and is in the best interest of our team members and our customers.  We realise this policy change may impact you and your travellers and want to give you advance notice to minimize any inconvenience. 



    As always, thank you for your business.



    American Airlines

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  • Malaysia Airlines

    MH KLAI Golden Lounge Upgrading

    Small Logo Malaysia Airlines


    The Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge at Satellite will be closed for enhancement and upgrading works from 0000 hours on 3 October 2017 to 22 January 2018.

    Please find attached more details.


    Enrich Platinum Members, First Class guests, Enrich Gold members & Business Class guests / Oneworld Emerald & Sapphire members





    Operating Hours

    Malaysia Airlines Regional Lounge

    ( * Open from 03 October 2017 onwards )

    located at the Main Terminal Building, close to the aero train station and gate H

    0500 hours to 0000 hours daily

    Malaysia Airports CIP Lounge

    East Wing Mezzanine floor,

    Satellite Building;

    close to Gates 31-37

    24 hours daily

    Cathay Pacific Lounge

    East Wing Mezzanine floor, Satellite Building; close to Gates C21-27.

    0630 hours to 2230 hours daily

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  • Banned Airlines

    Airline carriers subject to a ban.

    The civil aviation authorities of Member States of the European Community are only able to inspect aircraft of airlines that operate flights to and from Community airports; and in view of the random nature of such inspections, it is not possible to check all aircraft that land at each Community airport.

    The fact that an airline is not included in the Community list does not, therefore, automatically mean that it meets the applicable safety standards.

    Where an airline which is currently included in the Community list deems itself to be in conformity with the necessary technical elements and requirements prescribed by the applicable international safety standards, it may request the Commission to commence the procedure for its removal from the list.

    Every effort has been made to verify the exact identity of all airlines included on the Community list – namely through the inclusion of: the specific letter codes assigned (and unique) to each airline by the ICAO, the State of certification and the air operator certificate (or operating licence) number.

    Nonetheless, absolute verification has not been possible in all cases owing to a total lack of information surrounding some airlines that might be operating on the border of, or altogether outside, the recognised international aviation regime. It can therefore not be excluded that there might be companies operating in good faith under the same trading name as an airline included on the Community list.


    For A full listing of Airlines please check the below Website


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