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    US Presidential Executive Order Latest Update

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    Dear Trade Partner,


    Please see update below regarding refugees for nationals from all six effected countries.


    Etihad Airways, in accordance with the US Federal District Court order issued on 15 March 2017, will continue to accept guests of all nationalities for travel to the US provided they have valid travel documents and, if necessary, visas. 


    We remind guests that US travel requirements are subject to change and that they should continue to check with their closest US embassy or consulate for the most current information. 


    Acceptance for entry is always subject to inspections completed by US authorities.  Etihad Airways continues to monitor developments in the US and will work closely with the authorities to ensure the airline has the most accurate information


    Etihad Airways will also continue to assist guests who have been impacted by the recent US executive orders and court decisions.


    Note the previous commercial policies below remain in effect


    We advise all guests to consult with their nearest United States embassy or consulate for further information on the travel ban, as the entry requirements are subject to change and may be subject to further interpretation by United States administrative agencies and courts.


    Etihad Airways is offering all impacted guests who have been issued a Visa after 27 January 2017 5.00 EST that are restricted from entering the US (including those who are denied entry by the US CBP at AUH airport) who are booked on EY/EY* flights, for tickets issued on/before 07Mar17 for travel on/before 16Jun17, the following options until further notice.



    Guests can avail of 1 Free Date change where they need to be rebooked on/after 17Jun17.

    The waiver of date change only applies to Nationals (passport holders) of these 6 countries having travel segments from AUH-USA within the specified 90 day period, irrespective of point of ticketing or journey commencement.


    Guest should be rebooked on the same RBD or the lowest available RBD in the same cabin.


    Please ensure the PNR is updated with the remark “CW123 Invol change due to US travel restriction”.



    Cancellations are permitted for all unused or partially used tickets that are impacted without any penalty charge, including Non-Refundable tickets.


    Appropriate documentation (i.e. EY Ticket, Passport copy) must be provided.


    Refund on partially utilized tickets must be calculated based upon pro-rata mileage flown.


    Above would apply to all tickets issued on/before 07 Mar 2017 for travel on/before 

    16 Jun 17.


    Should you have any queries, please contact us on the numbers below:


    Trade Support:   00 353 1 524 5497

    Reservations:      00 353 1 656 9900


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  • Banned Airlines

    Airline carriers subject to a ban.

    The civil aviation authorities of Member States of the European Community are only able to inspect aircraft of airlines that operate flights to and from Community airports; and in view of the random nature of such inspections, it is not possible to check all aircraft that land at each Community airport.

    The fact that an airline is not included in the Community list does not, therefore, automatically mean that it meets the applicable safety standards.

    Where an airline which is currently included in the Community list deems itself to be in conformity with the necessary technical elements and requirements prescribed by the applicable international safety standards, it may request the Commission to commence the procedure for its removal from the list.

    Every effort has been made to verify the exact identity of all airlines included on the Community list – namely through the inclusion of: the specific letter codes assigned (and unique) to each airline by the ICAO, the State of certification and the air operator certificate (or operating licence) number.

    Nonetheless, absolute verification has not been possible in all cases owing to a total lack of information surrounding some airlines that might be operating on the border of, or altogether outside, the recognised international aviation regime. It can therefore not be excluded that there might be companies operating in good faith under the same trading name as an airline included on the Community list.


    For A full listing of Airlines please check the below Website


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