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    Passenger?s mobile and email contact for disruption handling - IATA Resolution 830D

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    Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) / Dragonair (KA) group is committed in delivering the best products and services to its customers. One of the customer services that we would like to provide to our customers is to ensure they can receive the most updated information / arrangement timely in the situation of flight disruption (IROP). Passenger mobile and email contact are important elements to achieve it.

    According to IATA Travel Agency Handbook Resolution 830D published in JUN 2014, travel agent is required to obtain passenger’s mobile and email contact for the airline to inform the passenger in any operational difficulties. The Resolution re-iterated that:

    4. The Agent should provide contact details on behalf of the passenger by entering in the Passenger Name Record (PNR) the passenger’s mobile phone number and e-mail address, while maintaining compliance with all applicable data protection directives and regulations. Contact details should be entered in the PNR in compliance with the Resolutions governing reservations procedures. Members and BSP Airlines shall use these contact details exclusively for the purpose of operational notifications and shall not use the contact details for sales and marketing purposes.

    8. The Agent shall be solely liable for the consequences of its failure to comply with any Resolution governing reservations.

    It is IATA standard to use SSR codes: CTCM, CTCE and CTCR to capture passenger mobile and email contact for irregular flight operations and disruptions (IROP):

    SSR CTCM - Passenger mobile phone for IROP purposes

    SSR CTCE – Passenger email address for IROP purposes

    SSR CTCR – Passenger refused contact information for IROP purposes

    *Please be reminded that mobile/email contact must be entered SSR format to comply with IATA resolution 830D.

    In case of CX incurring liability costs due to agency partner failing to provide an accurate passenger contact information, CX reserves all rights and remedies to claim for losses.

    Please refer to CXAgents.com , Home» Policies & Procedures» Reservation Policies» Reservation Procedures» Flight Disruption Notification,  or your GDS provider for the SSR entries.

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  • Banned Airlines

    Airline carriers subject to a ban.

    The civil aviation authorities of Member States of the European Community are only able to inspect aircraft of airlines that operate flights to and from Community airports; and in view of the random nature of such inspections, it is not possible to check all aircraft that land at each Community airport.

    The fact that an airline is not included in the Community list does not, therefore, automatically mean that it meets the applicable safety standards.

    Where an airline which is currently included in the Community list deems itself to be in conformity with the necessary technical elements and requirements prescribed by the applicable international safety standards, it may request the Commission to commence the procedure for its removal from the list.

    Every effort has been made to verify the exact identity of all airlines included on the Community list – namely through the inclusion of: the specific letter codes assigned (and unique) to each airline by the ICAO, the State of certification and the air operator certificate (or operating licence) number.

    Nonetheless, absolute verification has not been possible in all cases owing to a total lack of information surrounding some airlines that might be operating on the border of, or altogether outside, the recognised international aviation regime. It can therefore not be excluded that there might be companies operating in good faith under the same trading name as an airline included on the Community list.


    For A full listing of Airlines please check the below Website


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